The Royal Boutique

The Royals Group® is all about giving your pet the Royals status and Royals treatment.

All brand under The Royals Group is exclusively designed by our in-house design team and manufactured in Singapore.

Our designer mainly emphasises on little detail from quality of fabrics to grads of the jewellery are carefully chosen to ensure its of the best suitable for the design and comfort.

They work closely with our seamstresses and craftsman to produce only the best for your Royal Pets.

Our team of seamstresses are trained in Japan with well qualify certification and experiences, to product high quality products and with our team of jewellery craftsman from Italy with more then 40 years experience to craft your customised jewellery.

We feature a wide range of products from apparel to toys and accessories last but not latest customised serves for diamond jewellery, made to order Haute Couture collection. Our range of design styles are across Casual to Glamorous from Debonair to Haute Couture.

Every piece of element on the apparel and accessories is carefully chosen to ensure the safety and comfort befitting for your royal pets while looking fabulous. Dress them like Royal and treat them like Royalty!

Brands Under

Specialized in Designing
Pet Fashion & Accessories

Specialized in Designing Interactive & Fun toys for pets. Only with safe & premium material.

Specialized in Pet Furniture,
Lifestyle product

Specialized in Pets Jewellery customised for pets and owner. Designed in Singapore, craft in Italy using premium diamonds & gems.

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